Airport 'incident' was just a training exercise

Imagine how shocked I was Tuesday when I arrived at the Medford airport to see several police officers and a bomb squad van milling around the area. Someone in the terminal told me that the bomb squad robot was seen carrying a package on the Tarmac. This seems like a big deal and I didn't see any news coverage. What gives?

— Ronnie D., Talent

Fear not, Ronnie, the Medford airport was not the target of a mad bomber on Tuesday.

Oregon State Police were performing a bomb training exercise, according to airport spokeswoman Kim Stearns.

"OSP was doing a demonstration on how they would dispose of a suspicious piece of baggage," Stearns said.

The exercise called for the robot to take a suitcase off a luggage conveyor and move it to a safe place where it was examined and then shot with the robot's high-powered water cannon, Stearns said.

The exercise occurred at around 2:30 p.m. and lasted for about a half-hour, Stearns said.

The goal is to improve communication between the airport and police on the chance that a suspicious package is found anywhere on airport grounds.

"We all want to be on the same page," Stearns said. "It's important that the agencies communicate well."

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