Airport goes digital

The Medford airport is spending $35 million to build a new terminal. With all that money, why hasn't the airport installed digital flight information screens? Airline employees can't update the information on the reader boards quickly, and sometimes it's really a hassle to have to wait in line to get flight information at the ticket counter.

— Mike B., Medford

You have our sympathy, Mike. For many of us, visiting the Medford airport feels like stepping back in time. The good news is the airport is modernizing with the construction of a new passenger terminal, three times the size of the existing terminal.

The 110,000-square-foot terminal, which will open in about a year, will include . . . drum roll, please . . . electronic flight information display systems for each airline. Horizon is the only airline that has installed digital flight information screens, one in the lobby and one at the gate. They're so small you might not have noticed them, but they're there.

"It's an airline function, and the airlines chose not to put them in until the new terminal opens," said Bern Case, airport director. "We will tie it in with the airlines data system with the terminal bigger and more spread out so we will need them."

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