Accused woman out of jail

I read in your paper a few weeks ago that the Gold Hill woman accused of murdering her husband might be getting out on bail in time for Christmas. Is she still in jail? Or did she get out?

— Jill S., Central Point

Wanda Lee Taylor, 42, charged in the shooting and stabbing death of her husband, Gill Edward Taylor, 46, was released on bail from Jackson County Jail on Dec. 17.

Taylor has four children who are eager to see their mother, said Paul Beneke, Taylor's defense attorney.

Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Ray White granted Taylor's motion for bail on Dec. 11, setting the amount at $100,000.

Taylor posted $10,000 in order to be released. She must also avoid all intoxicants and weapons, White's order states.

Jackson County Deputy District Attorney David Hoppe had argued against Taylor's bail, saying the Gold Hill woman consumed alcohol to "steel" herself for the confrontation with her husband, then slashed him with a knife and shot him several times with a small-caliber pistol.

But White ruled that although it is clear Wanda Taylor caused the death of Gill Taylor, the court is not convinced she committed murder. She may have committed some other level of criminal homicide, or another defense may prevail that would have allowed for bail under Oregon law.

The court also found it unlikely that Wanda Taylor would commit new crimes while awaiting trial, White wrote.

His client has admitted to killing her husband, but she is not guilty of murder, Beneke said. The victim's mother testified at the bail petition hearing on her daughter-in-law's behalf, he added.

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