A run-of-the-mill propane truck refills the Onion Mountain tanks

Considering the steep and narrow road to the top of Onion Mountain, how are the large tank gas cylinders refilled?

— Ron B.

You know what they say, Ron: steep and narrow is the road that leads to life.

Wait. No, that's not quite it.

Either way, the answer is pretty simple. We'll let U.S. Forest Service public affairs officer Chamise Kramer take it: "A propane truck goes up and fuels the tanks."

Yes, that's pretty much it. The tanks are part of the radio communications site at the mountain, utilized by Forest Service employees out in the field, located west of Grants Pass. And while the road may appear like a risky gauntlet to you and me, it sounds like the drivers of these trucks have it well in hand.

"By Forest Service standards, perhaps, it sounds like maybe it's not as steep and narrow as people perceive it to be," Kramer said.

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