142 ballots arrived too late to be counted

I received a letter in the mail from the Jackson County elections office telling me my ballot arrived too late to be counted. Am I among a few, who missed the deadline, or were there a lot of us?

— Rose V., via email

Well Rose, you may or may not have been part of landslide or nail-biter.

Jackson County Clerk Chris Walker tells us that 142 ballots found their way into election central after the 8 p.m. Nov. 6 deadline.

We checked a week ago and rechecked to see if there were some major stragglers, but Walker reported the number remained unchanged.

There were 129 mailed-in ballots that arrived a day or more late and 13 ballots were dredged from various election drop boxes after the 8 p.m. cutoff.

"Every one that comes in late is time stamped and put in a box when we get it," Walker said.

Voters whose ballots arrive too late are notified by letter. That's just one final expense for the county's elections process.

"When we send out the ballots, we get a bulk-mail rate," Walker said. "But everything else is first-class."

We're sure it's disappointing to miss out on this periodic exercise in democracy, Rose, but the good news is that a single vote wouldn't have changed any local races in this election. A Gold Hill council position was decided by eight votes and an Ashland council position by 29 votes, but nothing came down to a one-vote difference.

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