'Tweaker flophouse' is slang for druggie haven

Your paper used the term "tweaker flophouse" in a story. Please define ... not able to get one online. Guess I'm too ancient to know.

— James, Central Point

Don't get down on yourself, James, for not knowing who "tweakers" are.

In fact, we at Since You Asked Central would love it if no one in Southern Oregon was familiar with the term because that would mean that highly addictive methamphetamine would not be a household name.

"Tweaker" is a slang term for a methamphetamine addict, and it comes from the term "tweak," which is another name for methamphetamine. The term also alludes to the obsessive-compulsive behavior that methamphetamine addicts can exhibit, as well as other odd mannerisms of someone with amphetamines pulsing through their bodies.

Medford police often see vacant or abandoned houses taken over by squatters who live there and use drugs until they are kicked out or arrested.

The story you referenced was about illegal drug users who took over an East Medford mansion and lived there for about two weeks last month while the homeowner was gone.

So far, eight people have been arrested in the case. Just about everything not nailed down was stolen from the place, including four vehicles, and it looks like meth was being used there, according to the Medford Police Department.

A police officer called it a "tweaker flophouse" because he considered it a large-scale example of the phenomenon, and it certainly caught the eye or many Mail Tribune readers.

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