'Safe and reasonable speeds'

You guys are pretty good about answering obscure questions, so here's another: Is there a speed limit in Medford on those motorized wheelchairs? — Robert S., Medford

Robert, we appreciate the compliment and, yes, we do take pride in being the masters of the obscure. Just don't give us any math questions and we'll do fine.

To your question: It sure seems like some of those scooters scoot pretty well down the sidewalks. So we asked Mr. Traffic himself, Medford police Lt. Bob Hansen for guidance.

Hansen says they have no specific speed limits on sidewalks, but they must travel at "safe and reasonable speeds."

They must avoid pedestrians and yield the right-of-way to vehicles in driveways, much like cyclists, Hansen says. They are not banned like bicycles and skateboards are in the downtown core area, he says.

So get used to the scooting scooter, Robert. But be on your toes.

"Those things can get up to fairly good speeds," Hansen says.

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