'Mr. Thom' still lives on property

I was just wondering whatever happened to Mr. Thom's property on South Stage Road as far as it being auctioned off? I drive past the burnt-out shell of his old house every day on Voorhies Road, and it looks like a real eyesore. I'm pretty sure he lives there in the modular home.

— Doug M., Medford

Thom Joe Martin continues to live on the property at 59 S. Stage Road and styles hair at salon on Barnett Road. In January 2009, the Mail Tribune reported that his home would be auctioned off because it was in foreclosure.

However, Martin, whom we reached by phone late Monday, said the home was never in foreclosure. He said he had mortgage insurance on the home, and the bank that held the mortgage sold it to another bank. There appears to be a dispute over who was responsible for paying the mortgage during the time that led up to a trustee's notice of sale in 2009.

In January 2009, records showed Martin owed about $747,990.66 on the property and had missed his monthly payment of $4,506.92 from March 2008 until January 2009's trustee's notice of sale. He also owed late fees and advances of approximately $3,500. Investigators who investigated the fire that destroyed Martin's home have said the house was insured for $4 million.

Martin referred any additional questions to his attorney, Richard Stark, who was not immediately available late Monday.

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