'Crab Shack' commercial likely from out of state

I am in a great puzzlement. Every day for more than a year, I have seen this extremely mouth-watering commercial from a place called "The Crab Shack." Now the puzzle is, where the heck is this place? Hope you can solve this. I, as well as my daughter, will be very happy. Thanks.

— Irma D., Medford

The crew here at Since You Asked World Headquarters loves to eat and watches too much television, but wasn't familiar with this commercial.

Careful study of Jackson County restaurant inspections available online confirmed that no restaurant with that name can be found in the county. Out on the World Wide Web, our friend Google noted that there are lots of crab shacks.

One possible contender for some regional television advertising that you might catch on cable or satellite TV is The Crab Shack in Stevenson, Wash. The waterfront restaurant along the Columbia Gorge has some tasty looking photos on its website, but it's a bit of a drive for dinner.

Closer to home, Charleston Crab Shack in Charleston and Tony's Crab Shack in Bandon probably serve up some fine Dungeness, but don't look like places with big advertising budgets.

The Crab Shack in Tybee Island, Ga., got some national television love when it was featured on Rachel Ray's "$40 a Day" show, but that's not the recurring, tempting commercial you're seeing.

While we can't pin down exactly what you're watching, we can tell you that Mail Tribune readers said the best seafood locally can be found at The Wharf, 827 W. Jackson St. Brent Kenyon's restaurant was selected in the Readers' Choice awards, with McGrath's Fish House and Red Lobster picked as other favorites.

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