'Boss' can be watched online

We are big fans of Dutch Bros. and were excited about the show that was supposed to be on CBS. We were disappointed when it was not on the Nov. 15 show on Dish Network in Medford. That was a great article!

Is there somewhere else we can see that segment?

— Keith C., Phoenix

The Dutch Bros. episode of "Undercover Boss" on national television created quite a buzz among local coffee drinkers. Chai drinkers, too, we'd assume.

Since there are few DishTV aficionados in Since You Askedville, suffice to say we wouldn't dare to raise the issue of operator error.

We checked with local CBS affiliate honcho Kingsley Kelley, who in turn consulted his in-house Dish subscribers to make sure everything was OK on their Friday night Dish screens.

"It was," Kelley said. "I'm pretty sure if it wasn't, we'd have been attacked by an angry mob tossing blue-lidded latte cups at us."

Kelley theorizes some viewers may have been thrown off when the show began with a recap of previous "Undercover Boss" episodes and changed the channel before Dutch Bros. Caffeinator-in-Chief Travis Boersma took the stage.

But all is not lost. For those of you who missed — or for those who want to see it again — the episode can be watched at www.cbs.com/shows/undercover_boss/video/

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