Tom Miller

October 21, 1933 – December 20, 2017

Tom Miller was a fire captain, a sailor, a lifeguard, a woodworker, a rockhound, and an all-around Renaissance man. But, more notable than what Tom did, was who the man, Tom, was.

With intelligence, clarity, creativity, and just a pinch of wildness, Tom Miller interacted with the world. His amazing fortitude and resilience followed him throughout his life. Easily loved and deeply respected, Tom lived his life carving out new experiences, curiously learning, and regularly taking the path less traveled. Those who knew him loved him, admired him, and learned from him.

His strength was kindled by kindness. His growth was generated by determination. His numerous talents manifested with quiet generosity. His personal philosophy was purposeful and guided from within.

He has passed many of those qualities to his children, Christy L. Dorr and Ron Miller; grandchildren, Melissa Green, Justine Miller, Michelle Thomas, Steven Bourne, and Lindsay Udom; great-grandchildren, Jade and Josie Greenwood, Maci and Lila Miller, Oliver Thomas, and Penelope Udom.

His partner in life and learning, Becky West, was furthered by him for 30 years and now holds him dearly in her heart. In lieu of a donation, those who wish to honor naturalist Tom can dedicate to his memory an action to better the environment in which they live.

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