Sylvia Sue Scott

Sylvia Sue Scott passed away bravely Friday, April 27, 2012. She was born in Santa Maria, Calif., the daughter of Paul and Frances Scott, sister to James and Peter Scott. Sue had two children, Margaret Mearns Hand and John Christopher Mearns.

Until the end, Sue was surrounded by friends and neighbors whose kindness and love prove the goodness of the human heart. Sue saw that goodness and needed it, and was terrified. Her children will be eternally grateful to all the people of the Rogue Valley who tended Sue in her final months.

By name, we can thank only a few: Cheri, Jodi, Heather and Mary, Lisa and Gary, Karen and Gary, Judy and Phil, David and Myrna, Barbara, Paula, Velda, and Shirley. A special thank you to Kris and Katie. You gave her dignity. If Sue touched your life and we haven't mentioned your name, please forgive us. Thank you everyone.

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