Suzanne Andrews Cronk

May 3, 1921 - May 9, 2013

I sit beside her holding her hand. She is losing her battle with age and Alzheimer's. This disease has taken so much from her, but she is still our beautiful mother, Suzanne. I am her daughter, Lisa. I don't think we've gone a day without speaking to one another in all of my 58 years. We have always been together, we will always be connected. She is my best friend. Today is her 92nd birthday.

Our family has been so blessed that this lovely woman was ours. She has always been beautiful and social and gracious. She entertained her family and her many lifelong friends with style. She has been loving, gentle and kind, yet incredibly strong and determined. She was the good woman behind the good man. She made our beloved father even more successful with her unfailing love and support during their 67 years together. They traveled often to places near and far. They had great fun and many friends. They loved each other deeply.

Our father, Fred, adored her and gave her the world. We adored her and she gave us our world. To me and my brother, Geoff, she gave life, love, hope, strength, and the courage to be ourselves. She nurtured and supported us in all we did. She gave our spouses and our children all her best, with the same generous spirit of love and devotion. Her grandchildren adored her. She and our father were happiest with all their family gathered together. She loved us all unconditionally.

Our mother was a loving daughter, a little sister to her two brothers, a ballerina, a "May Queen", a cheerleader, a model, a secretary, a hospital volunteer, and everyone's best friend. She was our father's pride and joy. She loved to swim and dance and be out on the lake. She loved her family more than anything. She made us all beautiful quilts. Lastly, she loved a picnic - in a park, beside a river, on a mountain top. They were the best picnics ever, Mom. You always had a lovely plan.

Our dear "Picnic Queen", we will love and miss you all the rest of our days. Alzheimer's cannot take away all the wonderful memories. It never took your sweet, silly sense of humor. It never took your beautiful smile. You are still our beloved mother, Suzanne - now gone from our sight but never, ever gone from our hearts. May you rest in the arms of our heavenly Father. We believe the angels are singing and you are dancing with Daddy.

Our sincere thanks and deepest gratitude go to the wonderful Hospice team at Providence and the extraordinary staff in the Extended Care Unit at Waterford: Christina, Alicia, Ashley, Michelle, Micaela, Sharon, Dawn, Holly, and Skyler. Bless you all.

We would like to gather everyone together for a memorial celebration on a lovely, summer day. Details will be forthcoming.

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