Shirley Hutchinson Pipkin

In loving memory of

Shirley Hutchinson Pipkin

Jan. 14, 1927-Aug 23, 2006

The daughter of Shirley Hutchinson Pipkin wishes to thank all the loving friends who donated to charities and expressed heartfelt condolences at mom's passing.

Mom was always able to make people laugh. Her favorite program was I LOVE LUCY and mom and I often tried to re-enact our favorite episode: the chocolate conveyor belt.

Mom, through your example, you taught me to try to "love your children especially when they least deserve to be loved." You loved me regardless of any disappointment I caused you. You were the single link that held our family together. When I lost you, I lost so much more. I love and miss you more than words can say, but want you to know that you can stop worrying about me now; I'll be all right.

Love, Marsha

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