Rhoda Dearing Allen

Rhoda Dearing Allen

Rhoda Dearing Allen

July 3, 1915 - March 14, 2009

Sit and have a cup of coffee, dear. So she greeted anyone who entered her home for more than half a century, offering her wonderful smile and some sweet treat (usually involving chocolate). Her tollhouse cookies were legendary. Some say it was the cinnamon; others the generous spirit with which they were baked - but no longer.

Rhoda Dearing Allen (born Schrumpf) left us at 7:35 p.m. Saturday evening March 14, 2009. Her passing was peaceful and painless, but nonetheless heartbreaking for those she left behind.

Rhoda had lived a long life. She loved being a grandma - a role she played for 45 years. But as anyone who knew her will tell you, she was not yet ready to go. A tough ol' gal and a survivor in every sense, Rhoda was also quite independent for a woman of her generation - donning pants when others wore skirts, working outside the home to support her family, and driving until age 88. Although born in Portland, Rhoda spent most of her life in Central California, moving to Ashland when she and her husband, Spencer, retired. They purchased the old Jessel property, where folks came from all over the west to experience Joe Jessel's healing touch. In the late 1970s, after the death of Spencer, Rhoda and her son, Michael, used the property to provide low-cost housing for college students and others in Ashland that needed it. After retiring as an orthodontist in the Bay Area, her older son, David, joined the effort a decade later.

Rhoda saw the best in people, often recognizing qualities that others failed to see and going out of her way to support those who struggled to care for themselves. She dearly loved her family - children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren along with the growing group of spouses and friends that joined the Allen circle. Rhoda was a long-time member of Grace Lutheran Church.

She is survived by her two sons, David Allen and Michael Allen; and her four grandchildren, Kasi Allen, Wendi Allen Mazzocco, Scott Allen, and Alexis Allen Racciati. We will all miss her so much!

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