OE Johnson

OE Johnson

Mr. OE Johnson

Mr. OE Johnson, 94, of Medford, passed away at his home on October 17, 2007. Mr. Johnson was born in Frederick, Okla., on September 19, 1913, to Orville E. and Mamie E. Johnson. He was preceded in death by his two brothers. His family moved to Santa Barbara, Calif., where he spent his teenage years while his father, an oil well driller worked on the oil platforms on the coast at Goleta, Calif. Mr. Johnson (OE was really his first name) was a very devout Christian all of his life and never wavered in his faith and trust in his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

He married Lupe Agness Bandin on July 2, 1938, and they lived in San Francisco, Calif., where he proudly led a youth group at his local church. When World War II broke out in the Pacific, he worked under civilian contract to the U.S. Navy and was stationed with his wife, "Lou", in Honolulu, Hawaii, where during the months and years following the attack at Pearl Harbor he was a welder and riveter, repairing aircraft carriers at the Naval base there. His wife worked in the Civil Service at the offices at the base. After the war, they both moved back to San Francisco, Calif., then Burbank, Calif., where they bought a house across the street from Warner Brother Studios. He worked for Paris Ace beauty supply company. He stayed on as a sales representative for them all of his life until retirement. OE and Lou finally made a decision to be close to their only daughter, their grandchildren, and son-in-law in Medford. So they moved here in 1998. He faithfully attended the First Baptist Church on Crater Lake Ave. until his health forced him to stay home.

Mr. Johnson was a kind, simple, old fashioned man. A staunch American patriot who could never understand why someone would want to deface or disrespect the flag that so many of his fellow countrymen died defending. You didn't have to wonder if he was sincere in his religious beliefs. It showed in everything he said and did, and he was a living example of God's love to his family and friends. After 94 years on this world, he is finally in the loving arms of his Lord he so faithfully loved and served, and he will be Eternally remembered by his family.

He is survived by his loving and faithful wife of 69 years; his daughter Lana, his ex-son-in-law; John Csaftis, whom he always considered his own son; and his grandchildren, Ryan Csaftis, Jennifer Webbe and their families.

Mr. Johnson will be entombed next to his beloved mother at the Mausoleum in the Pines at the Santa Barbara Cemetery, in Santa Barbara, Calif., with a small family service.

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