Lisa Cosby

Lisa Cosby

Lisa Cosby

On Feb. 15, 2009, Lisa, in the arms of her family, left her fragile body behind to be with the Lord. Lisa was born April 10, 1994, and became part of the Cosby family five months later.

Lisa was born with cystic fibrosis, a terminal illness that affects the lungs. At three months old the doctors in San Francisco said "this baby is not going to make it". We prayed for her to see her 10th birthday. We spent the next 14 years making memories for her, and for us.

The night before Valentines Day we prayed that she would find the strength to see her family and friends the next day. We needed to make more memories. Hundreds of valentines poured in that day and she found the strength to open all but a couple.

We thank the Lord she was a part of our lives. Handpicked for us to love. Her faith was amazing, and her love and caring for others was truly an example of God's love shining through. Lisa wanted to be a teacher when she grew up, like Laura Ingles in Little House on the Prairie. She said she also plans to be a teacher in heaven. Lisa, you are a teacher, you have taught us all so much.

Lisa loved her "Make A Wish" horse, Colby so much. She also leaves behind a large Breyer Horse collection. Lisa was a "Sparrow" with the Sparrow Club in Rogue River, and an active member of the local rock club. She has loved rocks since she was a toddler, playing with smooth colored "treasures". Recently she turned her hobby into making jewelry with them. Lisa's favorite color is green, but when painting or coloring it was always... rainbows. Rainbow skies, rainbow horses, rainbow hearts. Lisa loved the Lord, "reading" her bible often. She prayed for the people in the ambulance when we heard a siren, and had to "check on" the people coughing in the store to make sure they were alright. She always said "thank you" when everyone else forgot.

Lisa leaves behind a large family that loves her so. Her biological siblings, Amy — 1/2 and CJ her brother, 13, share the same fight with cystic fibrosis and her "love of life". She also leaves behind, Jesse and Eric. They have shared her as a sister, along with two foster sisters. Dustin was Lisa's "big" brother. She looked up to him and enjoyed teasing him. She thought about his happiness often. She loved him so much. Lisa touched so many lives. Her dad and I will miss her more than words can say.

There will be a memorial service Friday, Feb. 27, 2009 at 3:00 p.m. at Table Rock Fellowship, 3610 N. Pacific Hwy., Central Point/Medford) and a celebration of life following, down the street at Crater Rock Museum (2002 Scenic Ave., off Pacific). If Lisa has touched your life, you are welcome to attend.

There is a memorial fund set up at SOFCU (any branch) in tribute to Lisa and to continue the fight with systic fibrosis on behalf of her brother and sister. It is under the COSBY KIDS.

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