G. Bob Taylor

G. Bob Taylor

June 11, 1938 - June 26, 2018

Born in Antlers, Oklahoma, the son of George and Selma Taylor, Bob attended school in Shawnee, Oklahoma. After graduating, he moved to California with his family including his sisters, Jane and Kay. From there he joined the Air Force for four years and was stationed in Colorado. While there, he met his wife, Joan. After his discharge, they moved to California where Bob began his building career in partnership with his dad, and where they had their two children, Kevin and Kendra. In the mid '70s they moved the family to Ashland, Oregon where their children grew up loving the Oregon way of life.

In 1992, he married his second wife, Donna, who had two daughters, Adeena and Heather. Throughout his time in Oregon he enjoyed a successful career in building and construction management. Among his many interests were diving; hunting; the cabin at Rocky Point; flying; and most of all, his time with his loving family.

Bob's celebration of life will be held this Sunday, July 1. For location and details, please call Donna at 541-840-3030.

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