Esther H. Coleman

Beloved Esther Helen Coleman, born Helen Esther Coleman, passed away November 2, 2011, at Rogue Valley Hospital, following an open heart bypass surgery. Regretfully, she was only 70. Esther was born on June 15, 1941, in Hastings, N.Y., to William W. Coleman and Bernice E. Coleman.

Esther graduated highschool and college in upstate New York. She never married but instead opened a real estate business and was a practicing realtor in New York. She later found a friend fo life and a friendship that lasted for more than 30 years with Dena, a woman Esther loved so much, she later called mom.

Esther decided to unwind her roots in New York to move with her close friend Dena to Laughlin, Nev., in an attempt at a fresh start. Succesfully, Esther was a Real Estate Broker in Laughlin for several years until she opted to retire and move to Medford, Ore., with Dena in 2005, until Dena's passing in 2008.

After enduring the loss of her greatest friend, Esther immediately found comfort with her greatest companion, her dog, who she called, Lucas Coleman. After 3 years of lonliness and despairity, Esther decided it was time to move on and moved to Fountain Plaza in August 2011, with aspirations to form new family in friendships. She loved Fountain Plaza and thought of it as her home. Her and Lucas made a name for themselves almost instantly with their warm hearted personalities.

Esther was extremely talented and was amazing at writing poetry. She loved music, traveling, photography, reading suspense books, playing card games and loved the energy, lights and life of casinos. She was also furthering her eduacation of biblical studies as a practicing Catholic. Esther also loved charity work and giving to people in need, helping a cause filled Esther's heart with joy and satisfaction.

Esther is remembered in the hearts of the people of the community who loved her the most. She loved life and sought to live everyday at its fullest in good times or in hard.

Esther is survived by Lucas, her dog; and in the wonderful and blessed memories that she gave us all during her time here on earth.

All of Esthers friends would like to thank the staff at Rogue Valley Hospital for their time, dedication and wonderful care as well as the hospital's chapelain for maring arrangements in honoring Esthers final blessing. A special thanks to all those who prayed for Esther during her time of need and now as we remember the life, love and legacy of a beautiful woman whom will never be forgotten.

A memorial service will be held at Fountain Plaza, 1441 Morrow Rd., Medford, Ore., on Tuesday, November 22, 2011, at 11:00 a.m.

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