Elizabeth Kathryn Payne Miles

Elizabeth Kathryn Payne Miles

Elizabeth "Betty" Kathryn Payne Miles

June 1917-January, 2010

Mrs. Elizabeth Betty Kathryn Payne Miles, 92, passed away January 12, 2010, in Lafayette, La. Betty was a long-time resident of Ashland, moving from there in September 2007 to be closer to family in Louisiana

Mrs. Miles was born Sunday, June 3, 1917, in Houston, Tex., to Sylvia Kleinknecht Payne and Jesse Asbury Payne. She was raised in Coshocton, Ohio. A graduate of business school, she worked in Columbus, Ohio, where she met the late Berton Bert Harry Miles, the love of her life. They were married July 2, 1949, and moved to Ashland in the 1980's. For 56 years, Bert and Betty shared laughter, tears and adventures even traveling around the world. Listening to jazz music and dancing gave great pleasure to the couple. They danced beautifully together, and their grace was a joy to watch. We are thankful to God for the dance of shared life given to them.

A remarkable woman of faith, love and sacrifice, Betty enjoyed being a homemaker and supported her two daughters, Mona Miles Koehler, now of Wenatchee, Wash. and Mirinda "Mindy" Peterson, now of Lafayette, La., in everything in which they were involved. She was committed to her family and to the education of her daughters.

The strength in Betty's life came from her dedication to God. Her faith was developed through prayer and Bible study. Betty and Bert were active members of Ashland's Trinity Episcopal Church. Mrs. Miles was generous with her time and talents, including thirty years of Altar Guild service and over ten years as a volunteer with Ashland's Respite Center. She was active in Tudor Guild.

Betty's smile, bright blue eyes and sense of humor were a comfort to all. Her friendship was a treasured gift. Her friends appreciated her active listening, encouragement and assistance. Thoroughly energetic and a devotee of learning, Betty readily explored new ideas and activities. Adventurous and always ready for fun, she could be counted on to join any endeavor such as travel, yoga, enjoying the arts, walking or having ice cream with family and friends.

A strong woman, Betty was a wonderful role model for self-education and openness to change while maintaining one's values. She set high personal standards and had the courage to maintain them.

Funeral services were conducted in Louisiana following Mrs. Miles death. Commendation of ashes and a memorial reception will be held Saturday, June 12, 2010, 11:00 a.m, at Trinity Episcopal Church in Ashland.

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