David Reavis

May 12, 1950 - January 4, 2018

David Reavis, 67, of Medford, Oregon passed away January 4, 2018 in Merida, Mexico. David was born May 12, 1940 in Anchorage, Alaska to Vernon and Joy Reavis. The Reavis family moved to Geelong, Victoria, Australia in 1951 and returned to settle in the Rogue Valley in 1959.

After he graduated from Medford High School in 1968, David served in the armed forces. It was clear to David and his Army superiors that David was much more useful to his country implementing his artistic gifts rather than sending him into combat. The Army had David doing graphic design work for recruitment posters and brochures.

David was the lead artist for Mother Jones Magazine in the 1970s and some of the 1980s. After leaving Mother Jones, David was the head of the art department at the Sierra Club Magazine.

When I posted that David had passed away on his Facebook page, the people he worked with at Mother Jones and the Sierra Club Magazine expressed how talented, funny, and lovable he was. David touched the hearts of all those who really took the time to get to know the depth of the love and joy he possessed. David was generous with his gifts. Here is one big example of how he helped during the height of the AIDs pandemic. When David heard about The Names Project (The AIDs Memorial quilt) he got very excited and inspired to make a quilt to honor and remember his dear friend and fellow artist, Pony, (the eighth quilt in the project.) The Names Project grew rapidly, David came up with the idea of creating a poster of some of the first quilts, to be sold to raise money to help with the world tragedy of the AIDs virus. David’s poster raised well over three million dollars and sold in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America. This is one example of David’s loving and compassionate heart taking action. What a legacy he left.

David loved to travel because he was curious about people and their culture, customs, art, and food. David was a courageous explorer of both his internal and external world. David loved the earth and expressed it in artistic garden creations that delighted the eyes of those fortunate to see his love of plants and flowers.

David was indeed an artist in all he did, it was what made David . . . . David.

David is survived by his brother, Larry of Medford; sisters, Bev Martin of Medford and Lynda Grigsby of Blackfoot, Idaho; and his three nieces and four nephews.

David was preceded in death by his parents and twin brother Robert (Bob).

No public service is planned.

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