Caleb Renno

Caleb Renno

A Tribute to Caleb Renno

August 18, 1986 - August 5, 2008

Beloved son of Catherine Renno and Bruce LeMay, Caleb is loved by all whose lives he touched. He has been a seeker of truth who understands the interconnectedness and sacredness of all things. A quote from one of his favorite artists, Jimi Hendrix, reveals Caleb's guiding principle: "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, there will be peace in the world." Caleb has walked the path of the peaceful warrior with intent. He has been a warrior in the highest sense of that word -- fearless when needed, and always a defender of the women and children. He died while protecting the community with a crew of men he called his brothers.

Caleb has always treated everyone with respect and kindness. He is well-known for his playful sense of humor. All children have loved Caleb for his gentleness, his kindness and his ability to meet them in their world of play -- the true kid magnet at every family gathering. Caleb enjoyed sports. He played Little League Baseball, was an avid wrestler and especially loved to run. He was inspiring to watch on the track. He learned to handle his losses with equal grace and mentored fellow students with encouragement and by example. Caleb was especially in tune with nature and would wander for hours through the woods (sometimes because he got lost!). He spent the past year traveling through South America and was planning a trip to Nepal after the fire season ended.

Caleb cherishes and loves his family and is the heart and silent center of our circle. His family loves and cherishes him and will never be the same without him; but death, while separating us in the physical, has only made our love stronger. He will be loved and missed until we meet again. His family includes his grandmother, Patricia Renno; brothers, Jason Renno, Todd and Guy LeMay; sisters, Colleen Scotten, Molly Renno, Katy Jaynes and Flannery Hawkins; brothers-in-law, Mike Johnson, and Joey Nichols; aunties, Eileen Renno, Joy LaClaire, Mary Averill, Carolyn Holcomb, Vicki Chaney, Arden Johnson, Gayle Lorraine, Sharon Wunder, and Ludia Sarmast; uncles, Ralph Renno, Felix Averill, Matt Holcomb, Terry Brown, Richard Schaeffer and Donald Lipmanson; cousins, Raven Lipmanson, Kelsey, Cory and Emma Averill, Patrick, Jennifer and Michelle Holcomb, Ralph and Bob Renno, Syble and Melissa Wunder, and Justin Sarmast; nieces, Izabelle and Alyssa Nichols, Bonnie and Rhiannon Hawkins. Caleb's friends are too numerous to list.

Everything is Sacred

Consumed by fire but not lost.

Taken by fire but not touched.

My spirit still glows

From the Fire That Always Was.

What on Earth

was just an ember

(a reminder of the Fire Within)

blazes now with the Infinite.

I sit within the fire of

the Infinite One.

What I could not see before,

I hold in the palm of my hand.

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