Betty Jane

Betty Jane

McAdam Renton

Betty Jane McAdam Renton passed away peacefully June 18, 2011, in her Talent, Ore., home. An enrolled member of the Osage Nation of Oklahoma, she adopted the Osage name, Ketha, years ago in Albuquerque, N.M. She was born December 17, 1922, in Elgin, Kans., and grew up in Grants Pass, Ore. She moved back to the Rogue Valley in 2008, after an absence of 66 years in California and New Mexico.

She is survived by her son, Julian Spalding; son-in-law, Terry Brown, of Talent, Ore.; grandchildren, Matthew, Joshua and Micaela Spalding; great-grandchildren, Faith and Eden Spalding; and great-nephew, Todd Rumery and his wife, Duane Rumery, of Williams, Ore.

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