Mail Tribune 100, May 12, 1917, continued

May 12, 1917, continued

Editor’s note: There was no May 13, 1917, paper.


A large attendance is anticipated at the baseball game to be palyed between the teams of the Seventh company and Company I on Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. The admission fee is 25 cents and the entire proceeds will go to the sick funds of the two companies.

The game will be played at the baseball park, the grounds of which have been placed in excellent condition. Court hall has donated the use of the grounds. Claude Miles will umpire the game. On form the game should prove a good contest as each nine is full of good and experienced players.

The lineup will be as follows:

Company Seven — Catcher, Hill; pitcher, Miller; first base, Ross; second base, Tarna; third base, JJ Ingram; shortstop, Coleman; left fied, Lee Ingram; right field, Abbott; center field, Cantroll.

Company I — Catcher E. T. Sims; pitcher, B. F. Sims; first base, De Jardon; second base, DeGuire; third base, Whitman; shortstop, Rice; left fied, Brannigar; right field, Ragsdale; center field, Schooler.


"Prospects are good for a large attendance at the convention here next Wednesday and Thursday of the Tri-State Good Roads assocation," said John A. Westerlund, president of the association today. "We especially look for a larger home attendance than at the previous convention held here. Every public spirited citizen of Jackson and adjoining counties should make it a point to attend the opening convention session next Thursday at 1:30 p. m. in the natatorium.

"The delegates and convention visitors from the northern and other parts of the state are anxious to see the Pacific highway, which was the first hard surfaced road highway to be constructed in the state. Therefore we have arranged to take all the delegates and other out of town visitors over the highway to the top of the Siskiyous in automobiles next Thursday, leaving Medford at 9:30 a.m. On the return trip a stop will be made at Ashland at noon where luncheon will be served by the civic improvement club of that city."

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