Mail Tribune 100: Feb. 2, 1918

Feb. 2, 1918

Women Rescue Commercial Club from Sad Fate

Rather than see the Commercial club close its doors, the ladies of the Greater Medford club agreed at a meeting of the board of directors of the Commercial club last night to take charge of the club for the president and conduct a drive for new members and for payment of the delinquent dues.

The Greater Medford club was represented by Mrs. C.L. Schieffelin, Mrs. Jan Andrews, Mrs. J.F. Mundy and Mrs. R.J. Conroy. Mrs. Schieffelin explained that in the opinion of the members of the Greater Medford club, to have its Commercial club close its doors would be a calamity, and they were willing to do anything in their power to keep the organization on its feet.

President C.W. McDonald of the Commercial club expressed the sentiment of the directors when he said that the club deeply appreciated this generous and public-spirited offer of assistance, and though there was no disposition to impose upon the ladies, he felt that the present board had about exhausted their resources in the way of reviving the organization, and that if the club was to be saved, he believed the ladies alone could turn the trick.

On motion of S.S. Smith, the ladies' offer was therefore accepted, and today a member of the Greater Medford club will have charge of the Commercial club rooms, and a committee will start out on a drive for new members and to secure the financial support of the present members.

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