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April 10, 1918


At the regular monthly meeting of the members of the Soldiers’ auxiliary, held at the library Tuesday afternoon, a motion to organize the membership into the first Wheatless club for southern Oregon was unanimously adopted, and the 100 members of the auxiliary pledged themselves to use no wheat or wheat products for the next thirty days, except the small quantities required as a binder in baking bread from wheat substitutes. As nearly every member of the auxiliary is the mother of one or more boys who have gone into the ranks of their country’s defenders, and the remaining members all have near relatives in the service, the movement was entered into with enthusiasm, and efforts will be made to induce others to form similar clubs. The state food administrator, in a recent interview, urged the necessity of taking up this movement, which is spreading in the eastern states. The Medford auxiliary has gladly responded to the suggestion, and hopes that its example will be followed by other organizations in our community.


Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Leonard have just received a letter from their oldest son, Guy E., of Fresno, Calif., stating that he had recently enlisted in an important special branch of the army service and was already on duty in San Francisco. Guy is 28 years old and is married, but has no children.

His enlistment made the fourth son of the Leonards to enter the service, and another and younger son, George, aged 20 years next August, who is helping his father in the hardware store, is “just rasin’” to go, and cannot be held back much longer.

In addition to having already given four sons to their country’s service, the proud parents are at the forefront in all patriotic home activities. Mrs. Leonard gives most of her time to patriotic work and Mr. Leonard does whatever he can in the time he can spare from close confinement to business duties.

Of the sons in service, Morris, aged 22 years, 65th long field artillery, is in France; Paul, aged 26, also in the 65th, is expected to arrive there within a day or so; Samuel Mark, aged 24, is with the Seventh company at Fort Columbia; and Guy E., aged 28, is in special military service and stationed at San Francisco.

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