Mail Tribune 100

March 12, 1918


The Jackson county thrift campaign in the schools has begun.

In order to comply with the government's request for information, the distribution of thrift report cards, the design of which was adopted by the Schoolmasters' club after it has been prepared by a committee consisting of Superintendent of Schools Hillis, Superintendent of Schools Stanley of Central Point and County School Superintendent Ager, throughout the schools of the county began last Monday. When the distribution is finished every pupil of every school in the county will have one of the thrift cards.

The report card, with the American flag on the front page, is a very comprehensive affair and will require each pupil at the end of every month to make out and file a detailed statement of his general finances and work accomplished. On his or her card each pupil must report the amount of money earned or received each month; the money paid out each month, other than savings; the money saved, and the amount of time spent in class, club, home work in thrift, or patriotic work in and out of school.

Instructions to parents on the card are as follows:

"This thrift report meets two requirements. It enables our teachers to fulfill their patriotic duty in making accurate reports along certain lines as requested by our government, and it will also enable us to teach our children lessons of thrift — at home and at school. In order that our nation may survive, every individual must learn and practice the lesson of economy, of self-denial and saving to the point of sacrifice. Habits of thrift will enable us to triumph. If we would have our children learn the great principles of thrift, the matter of judicious saving must become habit.

"We believe that filling out this card and following the guidance of our teachers in this great thrift movement will aid materially in collecting proper data and in inculcating principals of thrift. We will greatly appreciate your co-operation in this patriotic movement, and will ask that you kindly examine and sign this card each month before it is returned to the teacher."

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