Mail Tribune 100

March 2, 1918


Local motor car owners whose cars are equipped with electric starting and lighting systems will be interested in a remarkable device just installed by Young's garage. A most interesting demonstration was made, showing Ambu, this instrument in action attached to a car at the garage recently — it was weird to see the almost human intelligence of the Ambu as its indicating arrow slowly moved this way or that on the dial, showing certain conditions normal or the location of trouble or faults in the electric system on the car.

No doubt many would say that it was impossible for any device to automatically indicate the seat of trouble, but they said of the aeroplane and the submarine — not possible — yet they're flying in the air and sailing under the sea.


That was an awful blow the Medford high school basketball team received at Ashland last night when the Ashland high team won by the overwhelming score of 50 to 19. The last game of the series with Ashland and the last home game of the season will be played at the Natatorium tonight, and a big crowd is expected out to root for the home team.

The series now stands 2 to 1 in favor of Ashland and the Medford players will fight to the limit tonight to even up the series. The girls teams of the two schools will also play tonight. The first contest starts at 7:30 o'clock.


If there is any truth in the old weather adage, the month of March will end with bad weather, for it came in yesterday very lamb and spring-like — in fact Friday was an ideal spring day.

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