Mail Tribune 100

March 1, 1918


February weather was up to the average, the month on the whole, furnishing delightful weather with a fair share of sunshine. Frosty nights checked what promised to be an early bloom, and the first snow of the season spread a thin blanket over the valley for a few hours on the night of the 23rd. The coldest weather was experienced the mornings of the 20th and the 25th, when the thermometer dropped to 24, but climbed in the 50's later both days. The mean maximum was 51.5, and the mean minimum 32.3, the mean being 41.9

Rainfall totalled 2.64 inches, against an average of 3.62 inches, a monthly deficiency of .98 inches. The seasonal rainfall to date, since September 1, is 12.12 inches against an average of 18.30 inches, making the seasonal deficiency 6.27 inches.

The average March rainfall is 2.34 inches. Last year it totalled 1.76 inches. Not since 1907 has the March rainfall been up to the average. In that year 6.13 inches fell. In 1904 the rainfall was 7.59 inches. The ground, however, is well saturated, containing more moisture than for several years.

Spring sowing is in full blast and winter grain in ideal condition. Prospects are good for a fine crop, with a greatly increased grain acreage.

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