Mail Tribune 100

Feb. 5, 1918


For the information of land owners in the Rogue River valley who wish to assist in having the territory prospected for oil, I will state that I have obligated myself to some of your substantial business men to furnish the equipment and with them lease out your required acreage can be leased in the desired locations.

Very satisfactory progressis being made but it appears leases are being taken in some instances by others, under the pretext that they are authorized to solicit for the parties with whom I am interested; hence the suggestion that in order to guard against giving an oil lease on your property to any person or persons for speculative purposes only, you should see that the leases is drawn in my favor and no one authorized by us to take leases will object to having them so drawn. If an objection is made, it will be evidence of an attempt on their part to mislead you.

It is our intention to get operation under way just as soon as the desired acreage is put under lease, but I will do nothing if the territory is broken by scattering leases obtained by speculators as these leases would be constantly in our way under such conditions.

Signed, February 4th, 1918

Lee Davenport


Miss Hattle Hodges, who has been vising her former schoolmates, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Swank, at Peru, Ind,m returned to their home in this city Wednesday evening. She was indeed glad to get out of the snowbound east and hopes never to experience such a winter again. She was told there by the old inhabitants that this was an exceptional winter but she did not care to stay to prove the assertion true. Even the cows shook so with the cold that the stream of milk could not be made to hit the pail/

The cement plant is again in operation, altho the kiln is not quite ready as the much-needed repairs are now being made. The full blast will be attained in about a week. carpenters and laborers are more heavily engaged.

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