Mail Tribune 100

Jan. 12, 1918, continued


 Any woman desiring to make garments for the refugee children of France and Belgium are asked to get information for the same at Red Cross headquarters. A pamphlet with instructions for garments has been received and the following is quoted:

"It is imperative that wherever the use of patterns is indicated only official Red Cross patterns should be used for all refugee garments described in this pamphlet. The French and Belgium people have very definite ideas of what they want. This is a time to help them in the way in which they want to be helped and not try to force our opinions and practices upon them. The official patterns conform to the usage of the majority of the people and have been decided on only after consultation with the workers in the organization abroad. It is useless to send garments which are not made of the strongest and most durable material, as the clothes are subjected to the hardest usage."

The M.M. Department Store will handle the patterns for these garments for infants and children and will have them in stock.

The Honor Guard meets every Wednesday evening at Red Cross headquarters, when they work for the refugee children of France and Belgium. Mrs. E. B. Davis has the supervision of the work.

Thru the kindness of Mr. Mills of Butte Falls, the material for the boxes used in shipping the garments made, will be furnished free of charge by the Butte Falls mill. This generous donation is greatly appreciated as it has been quite a problem to secure any kind of lumber.

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