Mail Tribune 100

Jan. 10, 1918


 The secretary of agriculture has approved the co-operative agreement for the survey and construction of the Canyonville-Galesville road in Douglas county, Oregon, according to the announcement of District Forester Geo. H. Cecil, Portland, who has just received a copy of the agreement signed by the secretary.

The Canyonville-Galesville road is a forest road project under section 8 of the federal aid road act of July 11, 1916. It will replace a specially difficult stretch of the Pacific highway in the Cow Creek canyon region, and because of its value as a military road its early construction is important. The total length of this project is 11.8 miles, in Douglas county; 8.15 miles being within the Umqua national forest.

The state highway commission of Oregon and the county commissioners of Douglas county will co-operate with the government in the survey and construction of the road. The estimated cost for the location survey and construction is $517,000. The government will pay 42.68 percent of the final costs of survey plans, estimates and construction of the project, and the state and county officials 57.32 percent of these costs.

The cost of maintenance, which is estimated at $1,600 annually, will be met by the local authorities. Cautionary and informative signs will be erected and maintained along the right-of-way by the government.

District Engineer E. L. Hewes of the office of public roads, already has a party at work making the location survey for this road, which will require three of four weeks to complete.

Oregon's share allotted by the government for forest roads in the national forest states under section 8 of the federal aid road act is $128,111 for 1918, and a similar amount each year until 1926.

Other forest road projects in Oregon which have been approved by Secretary Houston are 17 miles of the Medford-Klamath Falls road in the Crater national forest, in Jackson county; 3 miles of the same road in Klamath county; and 9.7 miles of the Ochoco Canyon road in Crook county, partly on the Ochoco national forest.

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