Mail Tribune 100

Jan. 9, 1918


A bad automobile collision occurred about 1:15 o'clock this afternoon on West Main street, at the corner of Fir, which created considerable excitement, but fortunately resulted in no serious injuries to a number of well-known people who where in the cars.

F.H. Madden, driving his Dodge coupe car, was coming down the south side of West Main street, going east at a fast rate of speed. Dr. Charles T. Sweeney, driving a Ford car in which were Mrs. Delbert Williams and 16-months-old baby, of this city, and Mrs. Josephine Houston of Applegate, was going west on the north side of Main street, and Ralph Bardwell was coming north on Fir street and turning into Main street.

Just as Mr. Madden reached Fir street he swerved his car aside to avoid striking the car of Bardwell, who had the right of way, and crashed heavily into the Sweeney car. Mrs. Williams and baby were hurled into the street by the impact and Mrs. Houston was thrown up against the windshield, which was badly broken and smashed. Mrs. Houston suffered some cuts on the hands. The baby and Mrs. Williams escaped with bruises. The front wheels and fenders of both cars were badly smashed. Madden's car was hurled into the Medford cigar store stand and Sweeney's hurled across Fir street.

Dr. Sweeney, without even waiting to find out whose car had struck his auto, procured another car immediately and hurried Mrs. Williams and baby and Mrs. Houston to his office.

A large crowd gathered quickly at the scene of the accident.

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