Mail Tribune 100

Jan. 11, 1918


Owing the fact that the Choral society concert and the Canadian offers' patriotic meeting were both arranged for Tuesday night it has been decided to combine them and hold one joint patriotic meeting at the Page theater beginning at 7:30 o'clock on that evening.

George Andrews, leader of the Choral society, has generously agreed to start the program at 7:30 instead of 8, and to throw the doors open to the public promptly at 8:30. This will allow the many music lovers in the city to enjoy a splendid musical program early in the evening and also to hear what promises to be the most interesting and inspiring series of war experiences ever delivered in Southern Oregon.

There will be a charge of 50 cents for the Choral society concert, but no charge for the lectures. Everybody, young and old, are invited to come promptly at 8:30. There will be no delay. The doors of the theater will positively be opened at that time.

Not only has the Choral society prepared several patriotic numbers, but Mr. Andrews has offered to intersperse a number of patriotic selections between the speeches, closing with "America," in which the audience will join. In short, this is to be the biggest patriotic gathering held in Southern Oregon since the declaration of war, and the problem promises to be not how to get a crowd out, but how to get seats for them all in the Page theater.

Mayor C. E. Gates, president of the Medford Red Cross, has agreed to preside at the meeting and introduce the speakers, who will include Lieutenant Colonel J.M. McMillan, 7th battalion, First British Columbia regiment, Major F.B. Edwards, 13th British Columbia horse, and Captain E. J. Cook, West Canadian artillery.

All three men are veterans of the Canadian army which is recognized as the finest fighting unit in the world today, and all of them bear wounds received in battle.

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