Mail Tribune 100

Jan. 4, 1918


 "The deceased Samuel Austin Myers came to his death on the second day of January, at the Scared Heart hospital, death being due to an injury received in collision with an automobile owned and driven by Albert Conro Fiero. But this jury does not blame Mr. Fiero for said accident as he was driving slowly as the evidence showed."

Signed, Charles B. Gay, Frank Amy, C.M. Kidd, Claude Miler, H.C. Burgess and C.H. Meeker, coroner's jury.

The above verdict was reached by the coroner's jury Friday afternoon, after having made a thorough investigation of the manner in which Mr. Myers received the injuries last Monday evening which resulted in his death. In the absence of Coroner John Perl, Deputy Coroner A.E. Kellogg of Gold Hill presided at the inquest. Mr. Fiero was represented by Attorney A.E. Reames and Acting County Prosecutor Rawles Moore also questioned the witnesses.

Among the witnesses examined outside of Conrad Fiero, were Mr. Minard and Ralph Manning who drove the two cars which turned the Main street corner into the Pacific highway just before the accident happened. They confirmed Mr. Fiero's story that the lights of the approaching car driven by Mr. Minard blinded him and that Mr. and Mrs. Myers, who were walking on the highway, suddenly appeared in front of his own headlights which had been dimmed; and of how he at once applied his braked and swerved his car to the left and collided with the Minard car almost at the same time his car struck Mr. and Mrs. Myers and knocked them from the highway. Messrs. Minard and Manning testified that they were going about 15 miles an hour and that Mr. Fiero was driving slowly at the time of the accident.

The jury, before giving its verdict, was taken to the scene of the accident.

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