Mail Tribune 100

Jan. 3, 1918


 Medford chapter of the Red Cross has received many acknowledgements of Christmas packages from soldiers at Camp Lewis, among whom the last Xmas packages were distributed. Those sent abroad will not be acknowledged for some time, probably. Among the letters of acknowledgement are the following:

"To the Red Cross of Medford, Or., I am in receipt of a lovely package from your Red Cross workers and indeed it was very nice, and wish to thank you very kindly for same. Yours truly, SERGEANT BAILEY."

"To the Red Cross,

Ladies: Received your welcome Xmas package and say it has many comforts, especially the big socks and muffler. Thanks for same. Please write. LEONARD KOENIG."

"Red Cross Chapter, Medford,

Dear Folks: I wish to thank you for the Xmas bundle given me. It was without comparison because of its useful articles. I am sure every recipient feels as I do over the generosity by Red Cross members. It is with the heartiest appreciation that I write. Happy New Year. ALVIN HALL."

"Dear Friends: You Xmas package was sure apprecitated. Many thanks to you all. Yours very truly, SCOTT G. KIRKLAND."

"Camp Lewis, Dec. 25, 1917. My Dear Friends of the Red Cross Association: Just a few lines to express to you my thankfulness in receiveing one of the many Xmas packages that have been sent out by the Red Cross. The package received couldn't have been nicer. I have always considered the Red Cross organization as one of the best orginizations in the U.S. And now I think it is the best in the world! Thanking you again for the Xmas package, I remain, one of Uncle Sam's soldiers. SGT. ROY W. EATON." 

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