Mail Tribune 100

Jan. 1, 1918


Seven hundred and twenty new Medford members to the Red Cross in the last three days is the result of the membership campaign committee's work, an increase of 35 percent of the previous total.

Of this increase, 325 have been enrolled by the Red Cross women's booths on Main street, 317 by the 100 percent business men's committee drive on Sunday, 78 by the Medford churches' solicitation yesterday.

Jackson county has, according to the closest possible estimate from available reports, close to 70 percent of her assigned quota, with Medford having subscribed over almost 2,800 of the 9,000, or about one-third, asked of the country districts to do their part which will be necessary to reach the quota.

Campaign Manager Daniels was in communication with the outlying districts this morning and received encouraging reports from most sources where committees are working. With good weather, it is hoped to gain the 9,000 mark this week. If you have been overlooked by the solicitors, it has not been intentional. Bring your membership to Red Cross headquarters or Daniels' store and get on the patriotic honor roll and the official receipt.


The Central Point mills are asking that Jackson county people start the year right by using "Mt. Pitt" or "Favorite" brands of flour. They are made at Central Point and our people should use home flour, especially when it is guaranteed. Ask your grocer for home flour.

"Many post office patrons have the idea that all classes of mail bear war tariff," said Postmaster Mims this morning. "This is a wrong impression as there is no tax or additional postage on the third class mail or on parcel postage where the postage is under 25 cents, which takes nearly all the parcel post packages. There has been no change in money order or registered mail fees. Circulars and other printed advertising matter, of the third class may still be mailed at the regular third class rate of one cent for each two ounces."

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