Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 7, 1917


Nick Young, a well-known blacksmith, made an awful mistake about 3 o'clock this morning on his return home from a trip to Hornbrook in trying to carry both a jag and a sack containing twelve quarts of whisky up the stairs to his room over Scott Wolfe's furniture store. Night Officer Gerking, hearing the commotion from Main street, hurried over to investigate and placed Nick under arrest on the charge of intoxication.

Then at police headquarters in the Commercial club building Nick made a bonehead play by breaking away from the officer and running for liberty. He was recaptured after a chase of 100 yards. Gerking later notified County Prosecutor Roberts of the whisky episode and the additional charge of transporting liquor into the state was preferred against Young.

"I'm guilty, I am sorry to say," said Young, when on trial before Police Judge Taylor. "The only reason I ran away from the officer was because I had never been in jail before and I didn't want to break my record. But he was too good a runner. I meant no offense."

"Do you waive all title to the whisky?" asked Prosecutor Roberts, "Why — er — yes," replied Young, as he gazed longingly at the sack of evidence. "Guess I'll have to do it."

A number of citizens testified to Young's being a hard-working man of good reputation, and as both the prosecutor and judge were of the opinion that Young brought the whisky home for his own use and not for bootlegging purposes, he was only fined $25 and costs.


If you are besieged by a girl with red carnations Saturday, buy from her if you want to be rid of her. The girls of the Honor Guard will turn flower vendors and undertake to sell a hundred dozen red carnations which the Pierce greenhouse has generously given to the Red Cross. The proceeds are to be used by the girls in buying supplies for the work which they have begun in Red Cross sewing.

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