Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 3, 1917


Thrift stamps and war saving certificates went on sale today at the post office in Medford, in common with all other post offices thruout the country. The city and rural mail carriers also have the stamps for sale. Detailed information as to the thrift stamps and war certificates can be obtained at the post office of from the carriers.

The war savings certificates pay 4 per cent interest, compounded quarterly. The thrift stamp is a saving proposition whereby those who can save but 25 cents at a time will be given their chance to purchase war certificates.

Two methods of acquiring the certificate stamps are open to the intending purchaser, depending on the amount he has to invest. If he has $4.12 or multiples of this sum he may purchase the certificate stamps directly, getting each one at this price any time prior to December 31. On his investment he will receive 4 percent interest, compounded quarterly, on January 4, 1923, obtaining $5 for each stamp held until that time.

Children and smaller investors will acquire the savings certificates by purchasing thrift stamps at 25 cents a piece. With the first thrift stamp the investor will get free a thrift card, to which the sticker is to be affixed. the card bears 16 spaces to be covered with that number of 25-cent stamps. The filled card thus has a value of $4. Upon payment of an additional 12 cents and presentation of the card the investor will get the savings certificate stamp any time during the remainder of the year. After the first of the year the cash payment will be 13 cents, and this will increase by a penny at intervals throughout the sale.

It is provided that no person may purchase the certificate stamps in an amount greater than $100 at any one time, and that $1,000 is the maximum an individual may hold.

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