Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 27, 1917


 The third Southern Oregon Poultry association's exhibition is now open to the public at the corner of East Main and Bartlett streets.

Local fanciers are enthusiastic over the excellent showing being made by poultry breeders of the valley. Exhibitors from the north, east, south and west are represented by high-toned fowls, readying to crow or cackle at the first sign of a blue ribbon.

H.W. Frame is president of the organization and E.H. Westerfield is secretary. Ernest Webb of Eagle Point has charge of the exhibition in the capacity of superintendent. All are tireless workers and are experienced breeders as well as poultry show officials.

Judge Oscar Nelson, American Poultry association licensed poultry judge, arrived in the city late last night from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, his home.

Judge Nelson has placed the ribbons on some of the best birds bred in the west, and for two years has officiated at the Greater Oregon Poultry show, held in Portland, along with four or five other prominent judges of the east and west. He was also retained by the Oregon State Fair board to place the awards in the poultry department at the 1917 exhibition.

Speaking of the Medford show this morning, Judge Nelson said: "I am surprised to find such quality here — the boys sure have the right idea of color and type in the various breeds represented in the show. It is a pleasure, too, to meet such enthusiastic men connected with the association , and if these men are given the support of the community which they deserve, the poultry industry will certainly thrive. I will have more to say about the quality of the fowls after I have judged a few classes."

C.F. Williams, editor of the Northwest Poultry Journal, Salem, is in attendance at the show, as is also Mrs. Williams. Mr. Williams has been connected with this publication for twelve years and in that time has visited nearly every city, village and hamlet in the west in the interest of the poultry industry. He is secretary of the Oregon State Poultry Breeders' association.

When approached today for his opinion relative to the Medford show, now in progress, he said: "I was here last year when you had the state show, but let me say that the number and quality of your fowls this year far exceeds your previous exhibition."

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