Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 26, 1917


A chicken crusade is the latest thing on in Medford police circles and poultry owners of the city who have been allowing their chickens to run at large around the neighborhood had better discontinue the practice else they will be called before Police Judge Taylor to pay a fine.

Chief of Police Hittson announced this morning that from today on the ordinance which prohibits chickens from running at large will be vigorously enforced, because within the past two weeks not less than a hundred complaints have been received at police headquarters from as many angry persons whose neighbor's chickens have wandered all over their yards and in many cases scratched up bulbs and seeds from flower beds.

"In these hard times I don't like to enforce this ordinance," said Chief Hittson today, "but the complaints have been so many that we are forced to take action. Many owners of chickens think that because the gardening season is over no harm can be done by letting their chickens run around the neighborhood. But chickens at large do much harm and make the neighbors angry even if the do not complain."

The fine for permitting chickens at large is from $5 to $20.


It was discovered Monday that the Locomobile "30" owned by Jack Morrill has been stolen from the garage upon the Riverside orchard near Gold Hill. The lock had been pried off the door and the theft may have occurred a week or ten days ago, as none of the ranch hands went near the garage, which stands to one side of the orchard, near the site of the residence recently destroyed by fire.

Mr. Morrill is working in an aeroplane factory in the east, and his brother-in-law, George B. Carpenter, looks after the place in his absence. It is ten days since Mr. Carpenter inspected the garage and none of the employees has had occasion to go near it.

The auto was painted green and was a familiar sight for years in Medford streets.

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