Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 12, 1917


What a Medford boy thinks of the activities of the Y.M.C.A. is very clearly told in a letter dated October 4th last, written on Y.M.C.A. paper, from somewhere in France on active service with the American expeditionary force.

Dear Mother: Last Sunday the Y.M.C.A. in town opened a hotel where American soldiers could rent rooms, eat real American meals (all at cost), and talk to real American women. It was a great relief not to hear "oui" every other word. The matron in charge of the place is a very nice lady from some place in Massachusetts. Her son went to school with me in Concord, which gave us something in common to talk about. They try to get as many volunteer American women as the can, also English speaking French women, to come and operate the hotel and talk to the soldiers whenever there is an opportunity. One Frenchwoman gave me a long talk about her son who was just entering the army and how much she appreciated the help America was giving France. She asked me if my mother was alive, and when I answered "You bet your life" she asked me to say to her the next time I wrote home that a French mother sent to an American mother her best wishes and desired to express her heartfelt thanks to her for sending her son to help France."

What a comfort it must be to a soldier thousands of miles from home to be able at times to enjoy the hospitality of an institution of that kind, and converse in that strain with women who recall to him most vividly memories of his own home, and who surround him with an atmosphere of decency and refinement.

The Medford district north of Phoenix, in order to provide its share of this great work, is only asked to subscribe $3,300 during the coming week. It ought to be a pleasure for every man and woman to feel that each individual had done something for the comfort, recreation and protection of the boys who have given up everything and offered their lives to their country.

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