Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 15, 1917


Attorney W.J. Canton, who recently got into trouble over a forged check in San Jose, Calif., is thought to be the attorney of the same name who formerly practiced in Medford for a time until several years ago he was convicted of a statutory offense committed in the neighborhood of Jacksonville, but later was pardoned. He then left Medford.

The San Jose Evening News of Nov. 5 contains the following account of Canton's trouble there, under the heading, "Saloons Wreck Great Career."

"A powerful anti-saloon sermon is disclosed in the career of W.J. Canton, attorney, who this afternoon in police court will plead guilty to the forgery of a check and throw himself on the mercy of Judge Dougherty.

"Canton blames his downfall directly on liquor. Canton was arrested Saturday night by Detectives Hertell, Guerin and Starbird, after he had passed a spurious check for $21.60 on the Rosenberg Clothing store on Market street. He made small purchases and obtained change on the check which bore the name of the Clark Henry Construction company of Stockton.

"Papers on his person showed that he is an attorney entitled to practice in the supreme courts of Washington and Oregon and that he was formerly a major in the national guard in the northwest.

"Chief Black obtained several samples of Canton's writing and although shaky from the effects of liquor the script was so similar to that on the bogus check that Canton broke down and confessed the forgery. He said that after losing control of himself from liquor he had been an inmate of the Nevada state hospital for the insane for sometime."


A vegetable freak growth is on exhibition at the agricultural display in the Beaver Realty offices. A hill of potatoes which growth yielded a good supply of normal spuds, took upon itself second crop features, but instead of raising potatoes, the offshoots on the vines have assumed the appearance resembling a cross between a tomato and a cucumber. Here's a pickle, and J.H. Dill may be called upon to solve it. The growth is from the Yockey ranch, west of town. Call and see it before D.M. Lowe gets hold of the curiosity and claims for it an extra development in his copy-righted dry farming processes.


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