Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 14, 1917


P. E. Baker, Principal of the high school, has a word for the parents of the city in announcing the issuance of the report cards covering the first school term of six weeks. His open letter to the parents follows:

To the patrons of Medford High School: The report cards for the first six weeks' term of school will be handed to the students at noon today to be taken home for your inspection. Your signature upon them means neither approval nor disapproval. It is desired that we may know that you have had a chance to inspect the card.

There are various reasons why pupils succeed or fail and it is the desire of the faculty to co-operate with the parents and students to remove any conditions which are unfavorable to strong school work and proper physical development. If you find, as some of you will, that your boy or girl has not passed in all of his or her subjects, you will find the members of the faculty anxious to assist in correcting anything which may be hindering.

Students carrying the full four or five subject courses can not expect to do satisfactory work unless they make a practice of studying from one to two hours outside of school. State Superintendent of Public Instruction J. A. Churchill says that the minimum time required outside of school hours is as follows: Freshmen, one hour, and for the classes above that one and one-half to two hours. In order that students may be induced to do proper home study several things are necessary. They should be provided with a room properly heated and lighted where other persons are not moving about and talking. In addition to these generally accepted requirements for bodily comfort and proper concentration, we believe that the habit of doing work at regular times in a systematic manner will add very materially to efficiency.

The first meeting of the Parent-Teachers association for this school year will be held in room number 3 on the first floor of the high school building at 3:30 p.m. Friday of this week. The president, Mrs. S. L. Leonard, and the members of the faculty of the high school earnestly hope that a representative of every patron of the high school will be present.

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