Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 8, 1917


Probably no single item is more important in the work of the Army and Navy Y.M.C.A. than the supplying of writing paper and envelopes to the soldiers and sailors. It is in this war that the association serves as a connection to home. Every Y.M.C.A. building, tent or hut is provided with desks, pen and ink and the men are privileged to use all the paper and envelopes they need without cost.

To supply this demand, it is costing thousands of dollars a day. In the western department, the states west of the Rocky mountains, it is estimated that $1,000 a day is spent for stationery. At Camp Lewis, 60,000 letter are written every day by the soldiers of the new national army.

Every day in every city, town or village in this country there arrives a letter from a soldier boy written on the stationery supplied him without cost by the Army and Navy Y.M.C.A. In every home where this letter with its significant red triangle arrives there is joy. If it were not for the kindly attention of the Army and Navy Y.M.C.A., if it were not for the buildings, tents and huts of this organization, there would be thousands of homes without word from their loved ones called into service.

In every Y.M.C.A. center there is a sign that reads, "Have you written mother today?" It is an appeal that the soldier boy cannot resist. His heart is with her and he goes to the counter, gets paper and envelopes and sits down beside another comrade who is writing and jots down his message.

It will be necessary to raise $35,000,000 to continue this great humanitarian work for the next year, both at home and abroad. A national drive for this amount is being made, the campaign closing November 19. Everyone is asked to contribute. The work of the Y.M.C.A. is the greatest builder of morale in an army that the world has ever seen. Morale means a happy, contented army, and an army with morale marches on to victory. This is your opportunity to help a mighty work for the conservation of manhood.

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