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Nov. 10, 1917, Continued


The Grizzlies held a regular love-feast at their November meeting Friday evening in Rickert's hall, which was comfortably filled. A splendid musical program was rendered and thoroughly enjoyed. The Medford boys' band, under the leadership of Edward Charles Root, astonished all present with the excellence of their performance. They are all small boys, but show unusual proficiency. George Stewart's trombone solo, "Scenes That Are Brightest"; Harold Richstein's cornet solo, "The Vacant Chair," and Jean Watkin's cornet solo, "Merrily We Roll Along," were commendable.

Mrs. George Andrews accompanied Mrs. Guy Palmer and Mrs. Don Piatt in vocal solos, and Mrs. Piatt and Miss Lacey in their duet. Fred Alton Haight gave several original piano selections that were enthusiastically received.

At the conclusion of the musical program the hall was darkened and a camp fire was set upon the floor, around which all gathered, and for an hour indulged in story-telling. Then came dancing and refreshments, which lasted until a late hour.

It was unanimously decided to engage the hall for the winter, in which the monthly meetings of the club will be held. For the December meeting the following committee was appointed with full power to act: Roscoe A. Johnson, Dr. J.D. Rickert, Mrs. Freeman Newport and Miss Ethel Curry.


With the fall has come a marked interest in the Red Cross work in Central Point. A very enthusiastic meeting was held at the workrooms in the Cowley building Thursday afternoon.

One of the chief labors of this committee will be the collecting of everything that is of practical value, that people will give, all of which is to be sold at public auction on the streets of Central Point. A wide range of material will be collected: Fruit, vegetables, grain, hay, stock, poultry, farm machinery, household goods, clothing; also old papers and magazines, rags, copper, brass, lead and old iron.

Every household is asked to cast about for useful articles and turn them over to the committee. The sale is to be held Saturday afternoon, November 24, beginning at 1:30 o'clock.

In the evening a basketball game will be played at the Y.M.C.A. building, and after the basketball game there will be a dance at Central hall.

During the afternoon and evening refreshments will be served at popular prices.

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