Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 7, 1917


Medford and the Rogue river valley are given a nice boost by Colonel Frank P. Holland of Dallas, Texas, in the Nov. 3 issue of his magazine, "Farm and Ranch." Colonel Holland who is owner and editor of the magazine, and Colonel R. L. Heflin, cotton seed exporter, also of Dallas, visited in the city for a week or more last summer.

Postmaster Mims, who assisted in entertaining the visiting colonels while here, recently sent Colonel Holland two boxes of Bosc and Comice pears.

In a large type editorial illustrated with four pictures of pears from the crates he had received, Colonel Holland writes as follows:

"Colonel George P. Mims, of Medford, Oregon, has placed us under obligations by sending us two crates of pears grown in the Rogue river valley by D. R. Hill. Colonel Mims says: 'I do not think you will find me exaggerating when I claim these pears are as good or the best in the world.'

"We do not know the names of these pears but we do know that Colonel Mims does not exaggerate regarding their quality. In the Rouge river valley near Medford on a visit there during the past summer, the writer found the finest cherries, apricots and berries that he had ever had the satisfaction of eating. The visit will long be remembered because of the kindness of Colonel Mims and the other citizens in showing me through the orchards and other places of interest.

Medford is one of the most up-to-date cities on this continent and any one visiting that section should make it a point to spend some time with the progressive people who have made the city and surrounding country so very attractive."

All of which shows that whenever you scratch one of the Texas colonels properly on the back you will meet with a rich reward.

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