Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 6, 1917


Because of the patriotic meeting at the Rialto theater tonight the meeting of the Y.M.C.A. campaign leaders has been postponed until tomorrow night, when under the direction of Campaign Manager George Collins the details of the local drive for $5,000 will be worked out.

The following letter from Secretary of War Newton D. Baker to E. N. Baker of the Cleveland Plain Dealer shows how important the war department considers this campaign for Y.M.C.A. Funds:

October 19, 1917.

Dear Mr. Baker: I understand that you are going to help raise the large additional funds necessary by the Young Men's Christian Association for their army and navy work at home and abroad. I am writing this to thank you and your associates for undertaking this patriotic service.

On every battle front and behind every battle line, the Young Men's Christian Association operates to the comfort, convenience and happiness of the soldiers. General Pershing has cabled me that the service rendered is invaluable. The relations between the association and the army are intimate and cordial, and all of the agencies which the government has undertaken to install to surround our soldiers in camps in this country and abroad are supplemented by the helpful work of the Young Men's Christian Association.

The need for this fund has been carefully estimated by Mr. Mott and those who are working with him, and while the sum appears large, it is in fact small when one think that its benefits extend over the great eastern and western fronts, and are, while primarily for the service of the American soldier, yet to a large extent helpful to our French, English, and Russian comrades in arms.

Cordially yours,

Signed) NEWTON D. BAKER, Secretary of war.

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