Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 2, 1917


Although only one of the old players for Medford high has returned to this season's field, the turnout shows promise of whipping into a very fast team. The line is very light, but with a week more of hard practice a good showing should be made against the heavier teams of the valley. As is so often the case, a light team, made fast by quick, direct passing, will put rings around such excesses of weight as the eleven has to face this season.

In Jess Gentry the high school has a hard-hitting back, and for the speed Merritt Perry has set any sprinter in the valley. It is much to be feared that mention of promising men, inexperienced as they are, may have a deplorable effect on their vanity. One thing is certain, however — the statement by Coach Goodman that he will have the cleanest team in the conference is being carried out to the full.

With good backing on the side lines and encouragement when weight conquers work, a game of exceeding interest is promised for tomorrow.

At the Jackson field the teams of Ashland and Medford will clash for the first time this season, and a greater part of the townspeople are expected out.

Get behind your high school, make the management put the name of your favorite into prominence by putting your energy and spirit behind him and the rest of the hard-working team.


A Mrs. Rogers of Medford recently offered several fraudulent checks to several Medford merchants, receiving merchandise and a few dollars in change for the same. The police after a day's hunt arrested the woman but upon investigation it was found she is mentally unbalanced and apparently rested under the delusion that she had money in the bank. The articles were returned and the merchants involved refused to prosecute.

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