Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 1, 1917


After having been lost in in the mountain wilds 22 miles above Butte Falls since Sunday noon, and after 50 or more men had searched the forests for miles, Joseph Howard of Medford, 63 years old, was found laying exhausted in the woods by the side of a trail Monday at 2 p.m. He has recovered from his trying experience.

Howard was a member of a surveying party investigating water source data for the new Medford irrigation district. the party, under the leadership of J. B. Platt, and of which Perl Davis was a member, consisted of eleven men. Howard did the packing for the party, whose headquarters camp was on the Zimmerman ranch.

Watched a Bear

The Party ate dinner Sunday on the south fork of the Rogue river about four miles above Zimmerman's ranch. Later Howard was sent to take some stuff back to the headquarters camp on the ranch. On the way he happened to see a big bear playing with her cub and stopped to watch them awhile. The bear finally saw Howard and made for him, and Howard climbed a tree as fast as his age permitted him. The angry bear after keeping him treed for an hour left the scene.

As soon as he thought it was safe to do so Howard descended and continued on his way. He had only gone a short distance when he discovered that he was lost in the dense timber. The more he tried to get his bearings the more confused he became. He kept wandering and finally made his way to the river. He was without food but had matches and went down to the river bank and building a fire made himself as comfortable as he could for the night.

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